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Online Shop mit Woocommerce von Ihrer WordPress Agentur

ONLINE - the growing market

Online store with Woocommerce

Your online store with Woocommerce will inspire you in terms of appearance and technology, because we make sure that your new e-commerce project is not an off-the-shelf store. This will be YOUR store, with which you will fully identify. We place a lot of value on usability, especially in an online store, because the first few seconds are important for potential new customers, but also the other short paths that should ultimately lead to the product they are looking for. Clarity is a very important factor here. Very important here is also the presentation and also the handling on the mobile devices.

Since it is very rare that someone has a niche, we also recommend SEO, because what good is the most beautiful store with the latest technology if no one finds it?

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In times like these, shopping behavior has changed dramatically, largely unintentionally, and the change will continue. Not only will online shopping as such increasingly penetrate the market, but consumer behavior will in turn change significantly.

Don’t miss the jump into the e-commerce business, an online store with Woocommerce is feasible for everyone. Also for you!

Where are the features of Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It allows companies to create and manage a web store. It offers a powerful set of features that allows users to add products, accept payments, manage inventory, calculate taxes and much more.

In addition, Woocommerce users can also add the store’s usual e-commerce features such as upsells, cross-sells, different shipping costs as well as filtering options. Also, this store system offers a variety of extensions that makes it possible to expand and personalize their store to your needs at any time, even in retrospect.

Other special features are the extension possibilities to a B2B and B2C webshop. Also, it is possible to integrate an additional multi-vendor feature with your Woocommerce store.

There are hardly any e-commerce wishes that cannot be realized.

Ein Webshop mit Woocommerce funktioniert auf allen Endgeräten perfekt

Services Woocommerce

Woocommerce is easy to use, which is a very big plus point of this store system. Once the functions that a store needs are set, the operation and smaller extensions are quite feasible and learnable even for a non-web designer. The e-commerce plugin Woocommerce is basically free of charge, which is a great advantage, because this gives you a certain amount of leeway for further additions, which may also be subject to a charge.

A small summary of what is possible.

– Offer physical, digital or both. Furthermore also downloads and bookings.

– Countless filtering options by popularity, brands, price and attributes.

– No limit on product images.

– Import and export of products

– Email templates

– Vouchers

– Product reviews

– Adjustable, different shipping options

Download article
You can sell items like eBooks, audio books, tickets etc. with the store system Woocommerce Download. It is also possible to offer both. Download products as well as physical products.
Events can also be offered excellently with Woocommerce. Here you benefit from the payment options that Woocommerce provides. Tickets can be sold and of course online such as webinars, seminars that are implemented with Zoom.
Product Configurator
With an additional plugin, a product configurator can be implemented to the actual store system. The calculator behind this system is extensive, but leads to many buyers because the buyer is guided to his final product. For many industries a very useful addition.
B2B and B2C
Again with an additional plugin Woocommerce can be converted to a merchant store. If you only want a store for merchants, you can hide prices for non-logged-in users or display products excluding VAT. Also products on demand are possible. This store can also be used in parallel as a dealer as for end users.
Muliti Vendor
Many stores under one roof, this is also feasible with Woocommerce. Would you like to give other stores like ebay or Amazon the opportunity to benefit from your reach, then this is feasible with Woocommerce.
If you want to make your store multilingual, this is also possible without any problems. Depending on your budget, you can have your store translated completely automatically or translate it "manually". Also the store pages like checkout, my account, shopping cart as well as the permalinks will be translated.

Do you have any questions?

You have questions about Woocommerce?

Does Woocommerce stand up to comparison with other store systems?
Yes, absolutely. That's exactly why Woocommerce is so popular. The system offers all the functions a store must have and is expandable at any time.
Do hidden costs come with woocommerce?
No, everything is transparent. The Woocommerce is its standard version is free. With this version you can go online. If you want more functions, these are partially implementable with free plugins, but not always. But this really depends on your wishes.
Can the Woocommerce store be extended later?
If you maintain your store well, it can be supplemented and / or expanded even years later. This is not a problem at all.
Can the store system be operated by a layman?
Yes, that is certainly one of the reasons why Woocommerce is so popular. Once a web designer has set you up with the system and made the necessary adjustments, you can operate the store system on your own. Two to three hours of intensive instruction, preferably visual, is enough.
Are extensions expensive?
No, compared to other store systems definitely not. It depends on your needs, of course, but I haven't had a plugin where it wasn't worth the money.
Can I call on you if I want extensions?
Of course we are there for you and take care of your wishes and implement them. As a rule, we have a long-standing contact with all our customers. So why not to you as well?

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