Consulting for your WordPress project

Efficient content management is essential when it comes to saving time and resources and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Two important steps in content management optimization are Content Workflow Optimization and Automated Content Management.
Content workflow optimization refers to the process of simplifying and improving the workflow used to create and approve content. This includes identifying bottlenecks in the workflow, improving collaboration among various stakeholders, establishing clear lines of authority and responsibility, and implementing technologies that make the workflow more efficient.
An important step in optimizing the content workflow is to implement a centralized content management platform that allows all steps of the workflow to be organized and monitored in one place. This platform should include features such as content scheduling, creation, review and approval, as well as feedback and approval processes and analytics tools to measure the success of your content.
Automated content management is another important aspect of efficient content management. By implementing automated processes, time-consuming manual tasks such as tagging content, scheduling releases, and sending notifications can be automated. This saves time and resources and allows content teams to focus on creating high-quality content.

An example of automated content management is the use of chatbots for customer interaction. Chatbots can automatically respond to customer queries and help provide quick and efficient solutions. They can also be used for marketing purposes to provide personalized recommendations or identify potential customers.

Overall, optimizing content workflow and implementing automated processes can help make content management more efficient and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.
Consulting for your WordPress project
Consulting for your WordPress project

Does social media consulting make sense?

Yes, because the whole social media area has also become very diverse and thus also consulting-intensive. When selecting channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, Linkedin, etc., you first need to find out where your target group mainly spends its time. There, the new website, the ongoing content must be present.

Also on the respective platform your appearance must be representative and also correspond to the CI of your website. The branding and thus the recognition value is crucial here. We are also happy to customize your web presence on your platforms.
Where possible, of course, posts are automated, which saves a tremendous amount of time. WordPress offers some possibilities here as well.

Die richtige Social Media Beratung durch uns - Ihre WordPress Agentur
Die Wahl des richtigen Hostings - wir als Ihre WordPress Agentur beraten Sie gerne

Choosing the right hoster

Choosing the right hoster is also very important, because not all hosters are the same. They all have their advantages but also their disadvantages.

If you want to run a small business website, it certainly doesn’t have to be a server. But also a web server should bring enough power so that the website is fast, because the speed is now an important factor for SEO.

If you run a website with a lot of videos, you will certainly need a powerful hosting. This is where memory usage and bandwidth becomes an issue. The same is of course true for a web store.

Do not just look at the price, because the performance, availability as well as support must also be considered.

Consulting for your WordPress project

Google Ads - push advertising

If your website or webshop is finished your project is online and if the implementation and the SEO is done cleanly you will be found, but for the necessary sales there are still a number of possibilities. One of them is Google Ads.

In Germany, Google is the main search engine used. SEA has become an indispensable part of e-commerce.

Google Ads is used by many, but only a few use the full potential, because here, too, you need a strategy if you want to use your budget target-oriented.

Part of this strategy is your target definition, keywords, campaign creation.

For this purpose, Analytics should be synchronized in order to be able to continuously optimize the campaigns. To be able to guarantee this, permanent monitoring is essential.

Kontrolle des Suchmaschinenrankings nach einem Webseiten Relaunch

Do you have any questions?

How much does a consultation cost?
An initial consultation costs you nothing. In an initial meeting, we first get to know each other. We talk about your project and make the first thoughts about it.
What is the procedure for implementation?
For the development of your web project we have a server at our disposal. We develop there first on a subdomain.
What if I don't like the design of the website?
This does not happen often, but we develop until you like your website.
Is my website or webshop also privacy compliant?
Yes, we implement the privacy policy in the right places. Visible and accessible in the footer, cookies and any checkboxes where consent is required.
Do I get a briefing so that I can maintain the website myself?
Yes, after the project is handed over, a briefing takes place. This can be done via Zoom or Skype, because visually you learn faster.
Can I refer back to you if I have questions at a later date?
Yes, we are always available by phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. We will not let you down.

You have the questions - We have the answers

Consulting for your WordPress project

You have the questions - We have the answers